Duo / Double Stringer Staircase

Duo / double stringer staircases

The double stringer is a floating staircase design that features two stringers under the treads and in from the edges for a floating look. In general, these modern and contemporary stairs are less expensive than our single stringer stairs. We can use lighter material which also leads to easier shipment and installation.

The modern and contemporary look is the hallmark of the double stringer staircase. It is a versatile stair that can have nearly any tread and handrail style.

Double stringers can be used in residential or commercial applications, as well as in both interior and exterior projects.

Tread construction

Our treads are generally crafted in oak but other hard and softwoods can be offered such as Ash, Sapele, pine, Mahogany, Teak, and Walnut. We also manufacture stair treads from composite surfaces such as carbon fiber, resin, concrete, and steel.

Balustrade construction

Our staircase balustrades are available in

  • Fully frameless structural glass
  • Stainless steel post systems with glass panel infills (brushed or mirror polished)
  • Metal CNC plasma cut (full range of art deco and modern patterns)

Most of our staircase systems are available with the following balustrade systems

  1. Frameless glass
  2. Bespoke metal railings (including CNC cut panels)
  3. Stainless steel post and glass systems
  4. Stainless steel wire strand systems

Further glass options:

  • Low Iron Glass
  • Standard clear glass
  • Acid etch / sandblasted (privacy effect)
  • Tinted glass  (coloured glass and also known as body tinted glass)

Design and construction of architectural stairs, office stairs, commercial staircases and balustrades

We provide design, customisation and installation services for architects and builders, with a range of quality staircases, balustrades, and other design elements.

Brighton stairs employ the latest computer-assisted drafting (CAD) and material modelling methods in order to make high precision staircases, balustrades, and handrails. Our manufacturing division specialises in mixed media construction: feature timber joinery, carbon fiber, resin-based composites, structural steel, glass, stainless steel fabrication, aluminum, and other selected products. Our plant boasts the latest computer-numeric-controlled technologies (CNC).

Double Stringer Staircase Estimate

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We've assumed a maximum staircase width of 1000mm and for the staircase to be straight (without bends or curves).

The price provided is for standard 1100mm high glass balustrade systems. The price is for straight balustrade runs or 90 degree bends.


We require clear access for deliveries and unloading, and have excluded engineers calculations, builders work, making good, concrete foundations, pad stones, scaffold access, propping, datum levels, setting out, asphalt work, waterproofing, hoisting, crainage, protection of windows and doors, core drilling of holes and grouting that MAY be required on the above contract unless stated above. Compliance with Building Control Regulations / British Standards to be the client's responsibility to check. Account customers terms strictly 14 days from the invoice date. Interest will be added to overdue accounts. Non-Account customers 50% deposit with the final 50% on instruction (day of installation / or Collection) Payments overdue by 14 days or more will result in a 12% invoice fee charge for debt recovery costs. Goods remain the property of South Coast Steel Ltd until paid in full. We reserve the right to remove our goods, and by accepting our terms you do hereby accept that we may have unconditional access to your property to remove our goods at any time. Orders placed will have been deemed to accept our Terms and Conditions. Verbal instructions will not be accepted; only written instructions will procure work.


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