Our staircase products

Mono-Stringer / Single Stringer Staircase

Our stunning mono stringer staircase is designed with a central metal stringer, timber treads, and a beautiful glass or metal balustrade. Our outstanding mono-stringer staircase can be tailored to your design style and preferences. You can read our dedicated mono-stringer stringer staircase page here for further information regarding these options.

Central spine staircases have a back bone which does not always mean the stair has a rectangular steel support, it can be created in differnet ways. This central support or central spine as it is commonly known is used as a main support for the stair treads.

Floating / Cantilever Staircases

Our beautiful floating staircases are the perfect match for the most modern and contemporary homes.

Duo stringer staircase

Add modern style and character to your property with our duo stringer staircase. A great staircase system for larger staircases that require more support. Tailor our beautiful metalwork and timber treads to complement your design style and interior. Read more about our double stringer staircases here

Zig zag stringer staircase

Our zig staircase takes the simplicity of straight lines and puts them into action. This staircase offers a slender side with gaps between the risers allows the perfect amount of light flow.

Zig Zag style staircases can be created in many varying formats from wood to steel with treads in all kinds of materials. We can use steel or wood to form the Zig Zag stringer or we could combine the two elements to form some stunning staircase designs.

Spiral staircase systems

As with all bespoke spiral staircases, the combination of materials to create a new look and feel are endless and designers and engineers alike love to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Creating contemporary and modern designs with a traditional twist can complement your home and the staircase we can create for you from glass, wrought iron, steel, wood, and varying metals, with the spectrum of colors, textures, and finishes available in beech, oak to a structural glass balustrade.

Enclosed plate stringer

Our enclosed plate stringers are ideal for properties that are seeking simple, sleek and minimalistic features. The staircase stringers are formed from either 10 or 12mm plate which allows for a very slender profile. The treads are custom made to your requirements.

A luxury staircase is not complete without a beautiful modern glass balustrade or decorative metal balustrade. We manfucture both options with all our staircase systems.