Spiral staircases

Spiral Staircases

Our domestic spiral staircases are ideal for new build homes, extensions or interior refurbishments and are popular with many of the UK’s leading, construction firms, property developers, and architects.

Spiral stairs are compact, centralised, and gorgeous to behold. Spiral stairs are a seemingly simple form realized in exquisitely assembled materials. Perfect for tightly constrained spaces, spiral stairs are also visually arresting, and often significantly enhance the look and mood of a room.

Striking, functional, but never overbearing, our spiral stairs span distinct levels with ease, linking disparate spaces with an organic fluidity. Brighton Stairs is capable of satisfying a client’s wish for an airy installation or a heavier, opaque spiral that deliberately impacts the space with its bold shape.

Our staircases (unlike many other self-build kits) fully comply with current Building Regulations under British Standard 5395: Part 2

Most of our staircase systems are available with the following balustrade systems

  1. Frameless glass
  2. Bespoke metal railings (including CNC cut panels)
  3. Stainless steel post and glass systems
  4. Stainless steel wire strand systems

Further glass options:

  • Low Iron Glass
  • Standard clear glass
  • Acid etch / sandblasted (privacy effect)
  • Tinted glass  (coloured glass and also known as body tinted glass)

Categories of spiral staircases under BS 5395 PART 2 1984

A small private stair intended to be used by a limited number of people who are generally familiar with stair for example an internal stair in a dwelling serving one room not being a living room or a kitchen, access stair to a small room or plant in an office, shop, factory, not used by the public, or fire escape for a small number of people.

Min/Max Rise Per Tread: 170–220
Min Clear Width Between Pole & Handrails: 600
Min Going Centre of Tread: 145

Design and construction of architectural stairs, office stairs, commercial staircases and balustrades

We provide design, customisation and installation services for architects and builders, with a range of quality staircases, balustrades, and other design elements. Our staircases are designed and hand made in our workshops in Sussex. Our passion is design and creating something unique within every project.

Beautifully made.

Brighton stairs employ the latest computer-assisted drafting (CAD) and material modelling methods in order to make high precision staircases, balustrades, and handrails.

Our manufacturing division specialises in mixed media construction: feature timber joinery, carbon fibre, resin-based composites, structural steel, glass, stainless steel fabrication, aluminium, and other selected products. Our plant boasts the latest computer-numeric-controlled technologies (CNC).

Talk to us if you’d like our advice on the project you have in mind.

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