A beautiful spiral staircase, designed, manufactured and installed for a client in Brighton

As manufacturers of spiral staircase systems – we knew how to help the client make the correct choices with their spiral staircase. The clients’ brief was that they wanted a big enough spiral so that it was comfortable to use as the main access stair to the property from the back garden. We advised the customer to use a maximum of a 2000mm diameter spiral given the space allowance and the clients’ needs.

A beautiful garden spiral staircase.

We calculated the tread sizes required for building regulations and the degree turn of the spiral staircase. From this, we were able to advise the customer on whether a left-hand spiral or right-hand spiral would work better as an entry point from the lower garden.

As the spiral staircase was to be frequently used by our client we suggested using a UV stable plastic capping handrail (this also allows conformance to DDA compliance, warm to touch).

The stair treads are fabricated from checkerplate and the center column was fabricated from 200mm diameter steel tube. The whole staircase was galvanized and then painted black. The infill bars are made from 20mm solid round bar which we welded to railing plates cut on your CNC plasma machine.

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  • Tread construction: Galvanised checker plate
  • Finish: Galvanised and painted black
  • Thickness: 120mm
  • Stringer: Spiral staircase with 200mm core column
  • Finish: Galvanised and painted black
  • Balustrade type: 20mm infill bars attached to the underside of spiral staircase handrail
  • Fixing method: welded to rail plate fitted to the treads

Handrail type: PVC UV stable plastic capping handrail over 40mm x 8mm mild steel flat bar